Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Wild Ride

The chair was comfortable
So I lay back my head
Closed my eyes
Drifted off to sleep

With a thud I awoke
The world was bright
The ground was grainy
The noise was loud

I looked around
The panic set in
I wasn't where I was before
I was in a new land

What should I do
How do I get back 
Where I belong
This...this is all wrong

I flopped to the ground
Gazed at the water blue
I looked up at the humans
They saw me too

She wanted to help me
But I was too scared
I did what came naturally
I hid under the chair

The sand was white
It was like a blizzard
The beach ain't no place
For this country lizard

Thanks for reading my tale of a lizard who ended up at the beach! It was inspired actual events. My family and I went to the beach last week and a lizard hitched a ride in one of the camp chairs. When The Hubs opened it, the lizard fell out. He was TERRIFIED! So he went on a wild ride to the beach, about 50 miles or so from my house!

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  1. Aw, poor lizard! I loved the turn at the end while I tried to determine the speaker! LOVE!

  2. I can see this as a children's picture book! So fun!

  3. I like the way this poem took-that little guy definitely had a wild walk that day!

  4. LOVE not only the perspective and the humor, but that you gave us the back story!

  5. Only thing I would add is in the title let folks know right off its a lizard your talking about. The reason I say this is the first time I read it I thought you were the one taking the ride. Then when I got down to the end and saw it was a lizard I read it a 2nd time and it took on a whole new face of recognition in all your words. I like it. Very descriptive and a good story. ( the ones that come from real life experiences are usually the best ..) really a good job, Sarah... Now write more !!! ;)

  6. LOL poor lizard, did you take it back home?


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