Friday, January 5, 2018

The Brothers Winchester

I thought it was going to be just another boring day at work. I was sitting behind the desk, browsing through Facebook and contemplating for the millionth time why I stay at this job. Just as I'm about to doze off, I hear the ringing of the bell attached to the door. I straighten up in my chair and prepare myself for either a resident bitching about kids or dogs or the temperature or a guest who didn't give us the accurate description of their RV and now they can't fit their 45 foot RV in the 25 foot site we assigned them. 

My dread turns to shock when I see the brothers walk in. Why are they here? What happened? More importantly, am I safe?

Flashing their fake FBI badge, Dean says "Hi! I'm Agent Plant, this is Agent Page and we need a place to park our RV for about a week."

Looking at him pointedly, I say "I know who you are and you aren't Agent Plan or Page. Your Dean and Sam Winchester."

Startled that I knew them, Sam says " caught"

"I've been following you guys for a while now. I know that if you are around, there's nothing good going on, but regardless, it's an honor."

I hear Dean mutter under his breath "Damn it, Chuck..."

Looking out the window, I see their 25 foot RV. "I have a spot for you, it's on the house."

Making them a map, I put them in the spot next door to my house. If I'm going to have the Brothers Winchester in my town, by God, I'm keeping them close by so I can stay safe. 

"I want to forewarn you, this spot is next door to me and I have 3 kids, a dog and a husband. If we get to be too bothersome, just let me know!"

The rest of the day passes in a blur. As soon as 5 hits, I run home, excited to see that black Impala parked next door to my house. I convince The Hubs to fire up the grill and make steak for dinner, knowing full well that the smell will entice Dean from the RV. Upon seeing I was right in my assumption, Sam and Dean Winchester come over for dinner. We eat, we drink, we be merry. Turns out, they were just on a much needed vacation.

Too bad the ghost in the house a few streets over had other plans...

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week 10 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.
My subject was "write a short piece of fan fic about one of your current or all-time favorite shows, movies, or fandoms." and it was submitted by the fabulous Jenniy from Climaxed. Thanks for the prompt!

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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, New Attempt

I've not blogged in a few months because I decided to step away from it. 
I'd lost my inspiration to write anything.
I let life, school, boredom...anything I could really, get in the way of doing something I love doing. So I stepped back and just hung out, let my thoughts build up, the words just at the surface to escape. I couldn't find my way back though. 
One day, I decided to come back to it. I wanted something new, a new space. I was going to completely redo my blog and rebrand. But as I looked through my old posts, I couldn't bring myself to delete or just ignore my past. So I went with a new name, a new header, and I'm working on a new layout and design. 
I'm going to try to post more and keep you guys up to date more on the crazy antics in my life.

Names will be changed to protect the innocent.